by ken minty

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Album: Midnight Flowers

One of my earliest (surviving) songs, inspired by a psychology text in which the author suggested that, under normal circumstances, it is the female of the species who decides whether to initiate contact with a potential partner. She apparently does so by strategically placing herself in her target's line of sight. The target, upon noticing her, then makes the first approach. Males, who can recognize the female signal, do a lot better, as you would expect, at meeting females. Casual observation at parties has not debunked this theory.


let’s talk about romance, let’s talk about love
let’s talk about passion, fashion, sex and the heavens above
you can see it in a movie, you can read it in a book
you can find it on sidewalks, and I feel it in your look

well I got your message now baby and I ain’t no love shy fool
you really caught my eye lady so I’m going over to you
to try and make contact if your message is true
it’s all about contact, contact with you

it's got hold of the lasses, it's got hold of the lads
it's got hold of the young old rich and poor and it’s drivin’ ‘em mad
I can’t think about business, I can’t think about games
I can’t about nothing at all … only your face


released June 11, 2017



all rights reserved


ken minty Melbourne, Australia

Canadian born naturalized Australian singer/songwriter operating out of Yarra Glen (East of Melbourne)

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